Level 3+: 10-12 August 2018, Douglas, WY – COLORADO PRECISION RIFLE

Level 3+: 10-12 August 2018, Douglas, WY


  • $ 995.00

The LVL3+ High Angle, Extended Long Range and Competition Preparation courses are designed to take the shooter with a solid foundation to the next level. This 3-day Advanced Precision Rifle Course is a purely field course set in the beautiful rolling hills of Douglas, Wyoming.  The entire 3 days will be spent in the field shooting, with focus on the Advanced Skills of High Angle, Extended Long Range, and Competition Preparation. With over 20 different firing points, students will have the opportunity to exercise their ranging, positional shooting, and wind reading in a constantly changing natural environment.

Topics stressed during this course:

  • High-Angle Ballistics and Positional Shooting Techniques
  • Extended Long Range Ballistics and factors relevant to shooting 1400+ yards and into the subsonic region.
  • Competition Preparation
  • Advanced Wind Correction Techniques on changing courses of fire
  • Advanced Positional Shooting for both natural and barrier shooting
  • Equipment Shake-out and Streamlining   
  • Efficiency coaching  
  • Time management
  • Competition Mindset and Strategy   
  • Advanced time management and speed shooting  


  • Self-sufficiency with both zeroing and ballistic data management
  • Ability to engage five known-distance targets in three minutes
  • Baseline understanding of wind indicators and correction
  • Field exercise; come ready to shoot with your gear and lunch packed

Physical difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult (may require 30 minute intervals of intense hiking)

 Equipment Requirements;

  • Notebook, calculator, pens and or pencils
  • 300 rounds of match grade ammunition capable of producing 1MOA or better accuracy     (you may bring more is you desire but this is the projected minimum)
  • Zeroed weapon - Zeros will be checked before course can progress.
  • Bolt Action or Semi Auto Rifle capable of 1MOA or better accuracy. Recommended calibers between .223 and .338 with a maximum muzzle velocity of 3200 ft/s; no steel core ammo
  • Rifle scope with subtended reticle and target turrets.
  • Bipod and sand sock (loaner sand socks are available during the course)
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Ruck sack capable of holding all shooting equipment, lunch, clothing and incidentals.
  • Some rental equipment will be available but please coordinate this with us prior to the first day of training. Equipment available includes but is not limited to: rifles, scopes, slings, ammunition, bipods, sand socks, and ruck sacks.
  • Recommended: Class will be held in unpredictable Wyoming field conditions, so plan and be prepared for the unpredictable weather. Suggested packing list includes, but is not limited to: Shooting sticks or equivalent, sunscreen, water, food, gloves, layered clothing, baseball or boonie cap, rain gear, knee and elbow pads, etc. Seating is limited & capped; based on a first come, first serve basis via website enrollments


  • COST:  $995   
  • Questions or Comments;  Email: training@cprifle.com     Phone:   (910) 257-0848
  • DATES: See drop down at the top of the screen       
  • LOCATION:  Training location is 20 minutes west of Douglas WY  (students will be sent directions prior to the course)

 * Tuition INCLUDES all range fees and instruction

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