JP Rifle Case Gauge

JP Rifle

  • $ 39.95

Our case gauge has been the go-to tool for gas gun shooters and reloaders for nearly twenty years. That's because we recognized that gas-operated rifles need a "special diet" when it comes to ammo. Unlike a bolt gun, your AR won't reliably function with a cartridge just because it fits a standard gauge. Plenty of frustrating and badly timed malfunctions trace right back to this problem.

This is the only case gauge on the market specifically calibrated to meet the needs of the semi-auto rifle shooter. If a cartridge would not fit a minimum-depth SAAMI chamber, this gauge will catch them. Anything that fits this case gauge, you can consider factory-equivalent ammo.

In this second generation model, we've switched from aluminum to 416 stainless steel for greater wear resistance and longevity. In doing so, we've also significantly improved our tolerances. Side by side, these new gauges catch problem cases even the previous generation wouldn't.

Shoot with confidence that your ammo will never fail you. We won't let it.

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