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JP Rifle Adjustable Low-Profile Gas Blocks

JP Rifle

  • $ 79.95

Our Adjustable Gas System is an integral part of our “recoil management” system. Most rifles are over-gassed and the resulting bolt slamming effect is a very significant part of the felt recoil impulse, which impedes sight recovery. We found that controlling the bolt velocity made for a much smoother shooting rifle. This easy-to-install gas manifold allows you to tune your bolt velocity to a particular load and optimize the feel of your rifle. If you enlarge the gas port, it is possible to tune up or down in case you want to use reduced loads or in the case of some very short-barreled AR-15 versions, which are somewhat ammunition sensitive. You may also shut the system off if you don’t want to chase brass or give a hot brass shower to your neighbor on the firing line at the range.

Our gas block also gives a very professional looking way to eliminate the front sight on flat top rifles as opposed to cutting off the existing front sight as a makeshift approach to that problem. Our intent with the rail on top was to allow for quick-detach front sight, but this also allows for use of flashlights, lasers or any other accessory item you may have a use for. Don’t be confused by cheap imitators. There are a number of copies of our product out now that are not as well made or are not adjustable. If it doesn’t say JP on the side, forget about it.

Prior to purchase, please note the dimensions that we publish for each gas block to ensure that the part in question will be compatible with other components in your rifle. On rare occasions, you may encounter difficulties with fitting a low-profile gas block under a non-JP hand guard, and we can only guarantee compatibility among our own components. We have the opportunity to test many of the products on the market, but have no notice and even less control over any design, dimensional or tolerance changes made by other manufacturers. It is therefore difficult for us to comment via phone or email as to the compatibility of our components with those of other manufacturers. In the end, ensuring the compatibility of parts rests with you, and some quick measurements prior to purchase can save a good deal of inconvenience later on.

Although we strive to provide an accurate representation of the product via description and photos; all pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Photos displayed on this website may be different variants, colors, or contain optional items that are not included in the default configuration of that item.

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