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JP Rifle 3-Port Competition Compensators

JP Rifle

  • $ 99.95

The JP Compensator was born out of the days of the SOF (Soldier of Fortune World Championship) series matches. After enough pressure, match administrators finally allowed compensators but deliberately disqualified our classic JP Recoil Eliminator with their 1" x 3" dimensional limitation. That has carried forward in all subsequent matches. In its own way, it was a compliment to us for offering too effective a product, but it didn't stop us from developing a brand new compensator that, even at a smaller size, could still perform recoil reduction wonders.

Working in other professional shooters, we arrived at last at a truly high-performance, match-legal rifle compensator that maximizes the potential of the common size limitation while maintaining nearly the same recoil reduction and neutrality that characterized the original JP Recoil Eliminator. To this day, the JP Compensator is the standout most efficient device of its type. Since its release, the JPTRE series has grown well beyond its competition origins. For years, it's been the choice of shooters who prefer a slimmer, more compact configuration without crossing over into a more tactical aesthetic.

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