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JP-15 Lower with Trigger Kits

JP-15 Lower with Trigger Kits

JP Rifle

  • $ 299.00

In the past, JP has designed and marketed a high quality single-stage module as part of our ongoing pursuit of improvements to the AR-15 platform. We knew we had the best single-stage trigger available but needed a fool proof way to enable the customer to install it. So, we ended up following the trend with our own drop-in modular trigger.

Experience is a valuable teacher, and we’ve been in this game longer than most. In the end, we came to the realization that there are simply some significant limitations to the modular trigger concept.

Unlike other firearms that were designed from the ground up to incorporate modular fire control packs, the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms were never designed to work with such modules. The possible runout in trigger/hammer pin hole locations and safety selector position on receivers made by countless manufacturers can cause potential compatibility and even safety concerns.

The module always represented a compromise in many respects. It needed to be manufactured to adequately fit and function in a wide variety of lowers compromising with the peculiarities of each, but “adequate” and “compromising” are not words we use here at JP. We and our customers have always set the elevation of our sights a number of clicks higher, and we feel that most modules are not suitable for anything other than recreational or non-critical competition applications where proper function is a luxury rather than a necessity. Moreover, modules simply do not have an extended track record for reliability, and many have been recalled for reliability or safety issues.

We very seldom talk about “cost” here at JP; we talk about value. We are generally not the most or least expensive, but we are almost always the best value for your dollar. With the modules inherent compromises and the $300 price tag, we had to come up with a value-based solution.

So here it is: we are offering one of our JP-15 lower receivers as the module with the complete installation of either our Competition or Tactical Fire Control System. JP will factory install a JP fire control kit into a genuine JP-15 forged lower receiver for almost the same price as the competition’s modular trigger alone.

Small-frame Mil-spec forged 7075-T6, pre-installed fire control

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